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Corrie Stott Racing

Headquarters Location Dillon Oliver 125 F Trade Court #9 Mooresville, NC 28115
Year Founded 1955
Principal(s)/Owner(s) Ramo
Official Website http://corriestottracing.com/
Manufacturer Affiliation(s) Chevrolet
Racing Class(es)
Overview of Team/Constructor Stott Classic Racing has endured many ups and downs from the time Ramo and Judy started the team back in 1955 until present day with Corrie Stott as team owner. Ramo, a farm boy from Missouri, was working at a local automotive salvage yard when the boys decided to race some old jalopies around the yard. It was discovered that Ramo had an untapped talent as a diver. This skill would be honed and refined over the next 30 years as Ramo became one of the Nation's top stock car drivers. After slinging dirt for a few years Ramo went on to drive at many of the largest US tracks including the very first Nascar race at the high banks of Talladega. Winning over 400 races and three National Championships, Stott even won the pole position for the 1976 Daytona 500. Judy's focus was not only raising four children but was also a driving force of the keeping the race team organized. Stott Racing of Keokuk, Iowa was truly a family business. Even today many racers have major "bench" races over the battles of Stott and the other Keokuk, Iowa population of talented drivers. Ramo's racing history fostered a love of racing in his two sons and now grandsons as they race through life.
History of the Team
Types of Vehicles Raced Chevrolet Impala
Manufacturer or Maintainer

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